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Executive Committee

Cabinet: Anchor

Chairperson Kai Chiu Fan (Michael)
Internal Vice-Chairperson Tam Tsz Ching (Stephanie)
External Vice-Chairperson Lui Cheuk Wa (Keith)
General Secretary Chan Long Hei (Nick)
Financial Secretary & Acting Social Secretary Chow Yuen Sum (Cindy)
Academic Secretary Hui Wai Kit (Peter)
Welfare Secretary Yiu Nga Yung (Yoyo)
Sports Secretary Guan Yu Min (Edmund)
Publication and Publicity Secretary Chu Man Chun (George)

Introduction of the Cabinet:

The Cabinet shall be named "Anchor" as it aims to inherit what have been achieved by the former Executive Committee while acting as an anchor for Members to rely on. The Cabinet shall also maintain a close relationship with the Division, other parties and other societies so as to provide welfare and resources to our Members..

The Logo of the Cabinet symbolize an actual anchor with a double helix strand surrounding it. The DNA strand in the Logo indicate that our Cabinet will be serving Biochemistry students and will always put Members as our first priority.

The colour representing the Cabinet shall be wine red. Wine red is the colour of noble, which illustrate the way we see and treat our Members. The colour also encourages action and confidence, which means we would proceed our promises, while also actively strive for excellence for our Members.