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Suggested Book List

For those marked with an asterisk "*", you may just borrow or photocopy the book, just mainly because you will only use part of those books for just 1 or 2 course(s)

A. Medical Dictionary for reference

B. Core Biochemistry Textbook
- Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry
- Biochemistry, Lubert Stryer, 5th edition of Stryer Biochemistry (can be read from
- Instant notes for Biochemistry, Springer
Other references for Biochemistry:
- Biochemistry, Voet and Voet *
- Physical Biochemistry, KE van Holde * (Hydrodynamic Method)
(Suggested for the course "BIOL2301 Protein Structure and Function" and "BIOC3610 Advanced Biochemistry I")
- Enzyme Kinetics: A steady state approach, by Paul C. Engel – a small booklet on enzyme kinetics, for the course "Advanced Biochemistry II"

C. Core Molecular Biology Textbook
- Instant notes in molecular biology
- Gene VII *
- Molecular Biology of the gene (Ed. Watson) OR Molecular Biology of the cell (Either ONE), the latter can be read from the
- Gene cloning and DNA analysis : an introduction / T.A. Brown. (Molecular Biology Techniques)
Other references for Molecular Biology:
- Molecular Cell Biology *

D. Book(s) for Lab Courses
- Gene cloning and DNA analysis: an introduction / T.A. Brown
- Principles and Techniques of practical biochemistry, Cambridge Press
(Important for many courses like Essential and Advanced techniques, physical biochemistry in Advanced Biochemistry 2)
- Analytical biochemistry, by Holme and Peck, for lipid analysis in year 3 advanced technique

E. Tips and suggestions from graduates:
Personally, I do not suggest fellow students to take the "Instant notes" series as textbook since the information in these books is not complete and sometimes wrong. For Enzyme kinetics courses I suggest the book -"Enzyme kinetics : behavior and analysis of rapid equilibrium and steady-state enzyme systems " by Irwin H. Segel
For more information in molecular genetics, you may consult the books - "Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual Volume 1-3" and - "Principles of medical genetics" by Thomas D. Gelehrter, Francis S. Collins, David Ginsburg
For the molecular developmental biology in the course Molecular Biology of the Gene, you may consult the books - "Principles of development" by Lewis Wolpert et al, - "Analysis of biological development" by Klaus Kalthoff and - "Developmental biology" by Scott F. Gilbert
For the course "Understanding Metabolic Diseases" -"The metabolic & molecular bases of inherited disease"

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